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Mobile Agency

What is a Mobile Agency?

As a Mobile Agency, we produce media content and applications for use on mobile devices.  In terms of your website, this means that we can turn your site into a mobile friendly device.  We can also help with the production and distribution of Apps on the Android, iPhone and Android platforms.

Mobile Trends

'Mobile' is the new 'internet'! The take-up of 3G and smartphones might have taken a few years while the early adopters suffered from growing pains but we believe that mobile is truly into the growth stage.  This presents a fantastic challenge for producers of digital content who now need to be more flexible than just designing for a web page with a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768.

Automatically Detecting a Mobile Device

We create websites which automatically detect a mobile device and render the page in a different way.  Mobile users are seriously slowed down by the process of 'zooming in' and 'zooming out' of websites which were not built for them so if your website has a 'mobile version', this can really help keep the interest of a mobile user.

The other main consideration when developing a mobile website is the amount of content on the page.  The key is to strip back on the non-essentials!  Mobile users are on the go - they may well be using the 3G network which can vary their download speeds considerably.

Agency Advice for E-commerce on a Mobile (m-commerce)

Mobile devices now combine so much - calendar, email, internet, navigation and maps, news feeds and of course youtube, facebook and twitter via the mobile Apps.  One of the most exciting areas of interest for our commercial clients is the ability to use mobile devices for e-commerce.

Imagine the scene - a retail shop with 000's products on their online shop.  With a mobile e-commerce site, customers can be sitting having a cup of coffee while finishing off their shopping at the same time!  We are currently looking at developing a solution just like this for our clients to extend their already popular 'click and collect' service.  Customers will be able to do their online food shopping while they are out and about and shopping in Harrogate.  They will then be able to pop in and pick it all up on the way home.  What could be simpler?

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