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Creative Agency

What is a Creative Agency?

The term 'Creative Agency' appears to have found its routes in the creative department; a division of the traditional advertising agency responsible for copywriting and art direction.  The principle activities of a Creative Agency are to come up with new creative ideas and concepts sometimes across all media to effectively transmit messages to customers.

As a customer or client of creative marketing services, it is sometimes difficult to work out where one agency's work finishes and another begins. We believe that to consider oneself a creative agency more of an attitude than a list of production specialities.

Does your Agency have a Creative Ethos?

We think that it is more important to choose to work with an agency that has a creative ethos. An agency who think outside the box and are willing to take you and your clients on a journey should give you more opportunities for moving your business forward than those who follow the crowd.

Creative Commercialism

It's all very well being creative - in fact, most people can come up with creative ideas if they put their mind to it.  But it's substance and commercialism which turns creative ideas into profitable marketing initiatives.  Critical when choosing to work with a creative agency is their approach and their track record to delivering commercial results.

How to choose a Creative Agency

  1. Make sure you like their portfolio of work (check out our creative case studies)
  2. Make sure they deliver a return on investment (ROI) for their clients
  3. Get on with your agency - make sure you like and respect your agency's staff.  It's just like hiring staff yourself - if you really connect well with them, you could be working with your creative agency for years.

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