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Digital Agency

What is a Digital Agency?

We are a digital agency who specialise in the design, production and broadcast of digital media.  From small scale brochure-style websites with content management systems (CMS) allowing customers to update news articles and blogs to fully integrated e-commerce solutions and database integrations - we build long term solutions for our clients.

Our advanced web design standards ensure your website is viewed across all media consistently and to a very high standard.  We employ the latest search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques to ensure your site receives the best possible exposure once your website is launched.

We also work with our clients on a digital strategy to grow their businesses by continually pushing the boundaries on both the technology and creative front.  Whether this is e-marketing to produce and broadcast monthly html e-mailers or producing the latest App for iPhone, iPad and Android, we've got the experience and the skills to be your digital partner.

Digital Agency vs. Full Service Agency

No man is an island... neither is an agency!  You have two choices when engaging support for your marketing. Either you can go 'by the trades' which means you can buy from lots of different agencies and co-ordinate their activities yourself.  Or, you can opt for a 'full service agency' experience.  There are benefits to both and it depends very much on the skills and experience of the people you're dealing with and their ability to fit with and understand your business.  

Why we're not just a Digital Agency

We believe in the full service agency model because it not only ensures consistency across all mediums - it makes comprehensive marketing knowledge an essential part of the process.  Agencies of any sort value clients based on the amount of work they provide on a monthly / quarterly / annual basis.  If you completely engage a full service agency then you are more likely to be one of their top clients.  The more you spend with an agency, the higher your value to them and the more time they will spend understanding you and your market.

Digital Partner

The start of our relationships with clients is often built on a singular requirement.  It might be as simple as, 'I need a website'!  However, we provide a much more comprehensive solution.  There is no better example of this than search engine optimisation (SEO).  SEO is divided into two sections - on-site SEO and off-site SEO.  On-site SEO is to do with what's on each and every one of your web pages.  Off-site SEO is the bit that requires an ongoing effort.  By increasing your exposure across the web on key phrase rich topics, we can build up your online reputation and create ongoing growth in your business.

For every website we build, we will always consider SEO and install Google Analytics to track the progress of the website.  From humble beginnings, some websites start generating good traffic purely from on-site SEO and by monitoring this, we can help to build on it long term.

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