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Design Agency

What is a Design Agency?

Design Agencies used to just design for print/advertising.  Traditionally, being a design agency was a short way of saying you were a graphic design agency and this meant you were principally responsible for designing artwork for a wide range of printed material as well as advertising campaigns.  However, as with many naming conventions the phrase Design Agency is a fluid one and now many design agencies design for websites and other new media.

No Design Agency is an island...

There's no point designing something amazing without the medium to display it to its best advantage.  And here's where the dividing lines start to appear.  If your design agency is designing something for print, they could be considered a Print Design Agency.  If they are designing something for new media they could be thought of as a Digital Agency.  But, while the names have changed and the clients try to keep up - the technologies have actually made it easier for agencies to become masters of the arts.

Software companies have converged and similarities appear.  As an agency, Jukebox Marketing started off designing for print.  It was 2003 and the web was thriving.  So, we quickly became a Web Design Agency as well.  In the last few years we've embraced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  Now with the new trends in mobile we're developing mobile versions of websites and consider ourselves a Mobile Agency, developing iPhone and Android Apps.

Some agencies disagree with this approach and argue that to specialise in one area can give the client more.  We believe that the marketing environment changes so often that if you're not keeping abreast and constantly challenging and embracing new mediums that you will in the end fall behind.

A Full Service Design Agency

Our clients simply don't want specialists.  They don't have the time to spend educating 6 different agencies in their culture and inner workings.  We believe the solution is to engage one Full Service Design Agency who can confidently design across the mediums and deliver a return on both client time and ROI.

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