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Mobile Marketing for the iPhone

What is the iPhone

It's hard for many people to imagine life without the iPhone, but the original iPhone was released by Apple in June 2007 and was one of the first smartphones to be controlled mostly be touch screen technology.  How soon a product can change the market.  The concept behind the iPhone was to simply and stylishly combine all your digital life into one product.  More than a phone, the iPhone allows you to easily browse the internet, check emails, view maps, watch and record videos, listen to music and take and browse photos.

But it's the transition between these applications which makes the iPhone really special.  Search for a local restaurant, call them up with one click and book an appointment.  Then use the Sat Nav to navigate there.

Mobile Marketing for the iPhone

The marketing the iPhone was centred around Apps which dominate the display and the way people use the iPhone.  TV commercials said, 'there's an App for that'.  The App Store has thousands of Apps a huge range of applications.

Competition from Android  

The Android OS platform was released in 2008 and is an open source platform backed by Google and in partnership with companies like Samsung and HTC.  Find out more about mobile marketing for Android.

Symbian and Windows Phone 7

The Symbian platform was originally developed by Symbian Ltd has been maintained by Nokia.  In 2011, Nokia announced that it would migrate away from Symbian to Windows Phone 7.

As it currently stands, Android has 33% of the mobile market, Symbian has 31% and Apple has 16% of the mobile market.

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